Jello Wrestling ( Junior Year of H.S. – 1991)

One of my first passions as a kid was professional wrestling.   My brother and I would wrestle like they did on the TV and pretend we were Bob Backlund, Rick Flair, Blackjack Mulligan, andAndre The Giant.   We loved it and would watch it every week at our grandparents house followed by a trip to the candy store to pick up the latest magazine. Then our grand finale to every weekend was the staging of our own match in the basement where we would wrestle for hours at a time.  I never won but I could take a beating.

Anyway, our high school sponsored a fundraising event each year and this year (1991) was jello wrestling where the students wrestle one another in a pile of jello. When my brother was a senior (I was a freshman) he wrestled in chocolate pudding and I was so jealous. So when I was finally allowed to participate I jumped at the chance.  Except as I always do, I had to push it to the limit.

So instead of a normal match, I wrestled 5 (small) freshman at once. I did my self up Ultimate Warrior style and hit the jello with fury!

Remember... this video is from 1992. It was transferred from a VCR tape and then compressed so it can be seen on this website. Needless to say, the quality of the video will be a little poor. With that in mind enjoy as I throw 5 guys around at once... but do I win??? Watch and see......

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