High School Pageant (1992)

When I was in High School, I was a trouble maker. Not the guy who would beat up a teacher or anything, but definitely the guy who would do anything in class to get a laugh.   And now, as an adult, I can see how annoying that would be to a teacher. I always had detention and Saturday school, I was sent to vice principal’s office more times than I remember, and was even suspended a few times.  Still, I wasn’t a bad kid just somebody who did his own thing without regard to anybody else's agenda (sorry to all my teachers).

So during the end of my senior of High School, which I just got through by the way, I wanted to throw a curveball back at the school... So I decided to enter the all-girl high school pageant. yes, the all-girl pageant. I did my research and found out that any high school function couldn’t be regulated for just guys or girls..They would have to let me in.

Also this was a time in American history where women’s lib really took a turn, more women were working, more were being promoted, etc... Women all over were claiming girl power and such. (which is a good thing, just setting the mood of the time 🙂 )

Back to me...so as I went to register for the pageant, I realized that I really didn’t have a talent. I didn’t sing, dance, play a instrument, or do anything pageant'ish.  So, for whatever reason I decided I would dress up like a Chip-N-Dale dancer and juggle (which I didn’t know how to do), while listening to classical music. Basically I was a bad "America’s Got Talent" audition.

The person who ran the show was Mr. Kurt Epps, a great English teacher at the school. Mr. Epps and I got along very well and had a mutual respect for each other.  He told me if I took it seriously, (meaning: I didn’t try to ruin the show for others) he would have my back getting me into the show.  He did and reluctantly the school let me enter.

The top prize was $500 and a tiara... Let’s see how I did!

Remember... this video is from 1992. It was transferred from a VCR tape and then compressed so it can be seen on this website. Needless to say, the quality of the video will be a little poor. With that in mind enjoy me in my one and only Pageant appearance!

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  1. wende says:

    I’m not sure what is more priceless…this video as a whole…or your hair cut in it : )

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