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Donations! Thank You All Very Much! (VA) "DAY 12"

Donations! Thank You All Very Much! (VA) “DAY 12”

I would like to reach out and give thanks to all the people have donated money to me recently.   You’re contributions, regardless of the denomination are greatly appreciated and more than generous! I’ll start with people with whom I have pictures of. This first picture is of Luc and I.  I played for a […]


Your Rooster Stories – “Rooster” was still alive

This one goes way back… When we were real young, Dave, Me, his brother Adam, and my brother Mike used to “Scarf Wrestle”…this meant that we each tied a scarf to our wrist, then tied all four scarves together in the middle before proceeding to beat the ever-lovin’ shit out of each other.  During one […]


Sharisse and Dave (Rooster) at Kean

My name is Sharisse and Dave (Rooster) and I had a lot of the same classes at Kean together, but the best class if you ask anyone was Studio Productions. Dave MADE that class and the best part about it was the teacher really didn’t like him so much as we did (I think he […]

Looking for your stories about the Rooster.

Looking for your stories about the Rooster.

This is Jeremy, most of you might know me some might not but I’ve got tons of stories about Dave. The problem is he has me working on this website so I don’t have the time as of right now. This is where I’m relying on all of you who know Dave. Anyone who has spent five minutes with him will have some sort of story to share. Send me your story (doesn’t have to be a novel) and I will post it here so we can all get a laugh.

Email me your tale at

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