Your Rooster Stories – “Rooster” was still alive

This one goes way back...

When we were real young, Dave, Me, his brother Adam, and my brother Mike used to "Scarf Wrestle"...this meant that we each tied a scarf to our wrist, then tied all four scarves together in the middle before proceeding to beat the ever-lovin' shit out of each other.  During one match, Dave tried to run, but Adam wouldn't have that so he yanked a scarf that happened to trip David.  Next thing you know, Dave's feet are up in the air and he lands on his neck.  It was, like responsible friends, Mike and I left while Adam pretty much wept over his presumedly dead brother.  But for those of you who know Adam, you know he is mature and responsible, so he did what any caring big brother would do...he put Dave in the top bunk and covered him with a blanket before their mom showed up.  I did find out the next day that Dave...sorry..."Rooster" was still alive, but look how close we came to Where's Rooster? never happening!  The world would have been a much darker place.

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  1. Mike says:

    I was thinking about posting this story. We’ll never forget that moment. Dave- you were dead for a few moments.

  2. Mindy says:

    I was thinking about the time you crashed into the tree and we thought you were dead too. I told Adam he killed you and he chased me up the hill to beat me up.

  3. Big Brother Adam says:

    both of these moments were the scariest in my young life at that point because I thought I was going to be an only child at the end of each event. The scarf wrestling was hilarious until David’s head twisted in a direction that it shouldn’t have. I really thought that if I left him in his bed, nobody would know.

    Him running into the tree was just as scary because the sound of his head hitting the trunk sounded like a champagne bottle being popped on New Years Eve! And Dave straightened up and dropped to the ground like he was dead weight…and I did try to get Mindy then (we were only 10) but fortunately she was too fast for me.

    good memories (sort of)…

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